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Dr. Satapathi has received CSIR grant!

Dr. Satapathi has received DST-WTI grant, 2016 from DST!

Dr. Satapathi has received Solar Energy Research Initiate (SERI) Grant from DST, 2016!

Nipun’s paper on Indian Jamun fruit based dye sensitized solar cells have been published in IEEE Photovoltaics! Congratulation to Nipun!

Dr. Satapathi has received DST-DAAD PPP fellowship to visit University of Bayreuth, Germany for joint research collaboration!

Dr. Satapathi has been awarded prestigious Bhasakara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Award from Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and DST!

Dr. Satapathi is now Visting professor of Physics at University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA.

Dr. Satapathi has been elected as board of advisors member, Haiti Development Studies Center, Les Cayes, Haiti.


About Satapathilab

Applied Physics has generated a significant impact in nearly every aspect of science. Our research uses a multi-disciplinary approach in materials science and optics with specific application areas in organic electronics, alternate energy, electronics/sensor technologies, water remediation, multimodal nanoclinics development and precision instruments designing.

The lab focuses in the research of advanced nanomaterials for a rich variety of applications with several experimental and theoretical techniques. Highly interdisciplinary and translational in approach, we are committed to changing the world through curiosity driven discoveries and development of new technologies.

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