Welcome to Satapathi Lab! Our research uses a multi-disciplinary approach in materials science and optics with specific application areas in organic electronics, alternate energy, electronics/sensor technologies, water remediation, multimodal nanoclinics development and precision instruments designing. The lab focuses in the research of advanced materials for a rich variety of applications with several experimental and theoretical techniques. Highly interdisciplinary and translational in approach, we are committed to changing the world through curiosity driven discoveries and development of new technologies.

Research Areas

Perovskite Optoelectronics

Our achievement is the fabrication of all air processed and stable perovskite solar cells upto 15% efficiency. We have designed and reported dual solvent elimination method which leads to larger grain size and better crystallinity at room temperature.

Lab-on-Chip Systems

Satapathi Lab has an expertise in development and fabrication of microfluidic Lab-on-Chip systems using novel 3D-printing based approaches. We have designed and patented microfluidic systems for integrated on-chip asaays and point-of-care diagnostics