Drug Delivery and Bio imaging

Multi-modal Nano Clinics for Effective Drug Delivery:

Nano-materials based drug delivery modalities to specific organs and tissues have become one of the critical endeavors in pharmaceutical research. Recently, two dimensional graphene has elicited considerable research interest because of its potential application in drug delivery systems. We studied the drug delivery applications of PEGylated nano-graphene oxide (nGO-PEG), complexed with a multiphoton active and anti-cancerous diarylheptanoid drug curcumin. Specifically, graphene derivatives were used as nanovectors for the delivery of the hydrophobic anticancer drug curcumin due to its high surface area and easy surface functionalization. nGO was synthesized by modified Hummer’s method and confirmed by XRD analysis. The formations of nGO, nGO-PEG and nGO-PEG-Curcumin complex were monitored through UVvis, IR spectroscopy. MTT assay and AO/EB staining found that nGO-PEG-Curcumin complex afforded highly potent cancer cell killing in vitro with a human breast cancer cell line MCF7.

Hyperthermia treatment of osteoarthritic knee joints:

The inefficacy of the currently used treatment modalities for osteoarthritis has elicited considerable research interest in the exploration of alternative methods. Hyperthermia treatment, generally used in the case of lesions, maybe considered as a viable solution owing to the economic and ergonomic factors involved. We have developed Cr-doped Fe2O3 embedded in PVDF matrix as the biocompatible magnetic-dielectric composite to provide thermo-regulated prolonged treatment . A systematic study was carried out to characterize the physical properties of the prepared formulation. Further, cellular uptake studies were done to ensure bioviability. Finite element method studies using COMSOL were used to simulate the hyperthermia treatment of osteoarthritic knee joint. The approach developed by us may be used further to develop a novel class of therapeutic devices for the treatment of osteoarthritis. This research was featured in all National and International news.

Related Publications:

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